Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa, Belief in in Christmas Films; Santa, Nonlocality of

I have been watching Christmas movies and specials lately. In movies in which Santa exists and actually delivers presents, why is it that adults still don't believe in him? Where do they think the presents they didn't buy are coming from?


I finally figured out the mystery of Santa Claus. He can deliver presents to all of the little children of the world in one night easily by exploiting quantum theory. Somehow, he is able to exist as a superposition of waveforms and is therefore nonlocal. I suspect he can use some form of Christmas magic to suspend self-observation. Not only does he deliver all of the presents on one night, he does so simultaneously and instantly. Provided he isn't observed. The moment he is observed, Christmas is ruined. That is why it is vitally important that children go to bed before Santa comes.

"I want to stay up and see Santa!"
"You have to go to bed or else you'll collapse Santa's waveform and ruin Christmas for the entire rest of the world. Is that what you want?"


This also explains how he can get down chimneys, even when no chimney exists. See: barrier penetration.

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